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Dear All:

Just a quick note to share with you the information about the book that William K. Smith 
and I have recently edited honoring the career of Prof. Park S. Nobel. Because Mexican 
university presses do not promote the books (it was published by Universidad Nacional 
Autónoma de México) we decided to share the information via the ecophys list server.

Both the paperback and the hardcover versions of the book are available through 
Amazon.com and other online retailers and can be previewed in Google Book Search. Please 
check the link below, at my lab's website, for more information.

Perspectives in Biophysical Plant Ecophysiology: 
A Tribute to Park S. Nobel 
Edited by: Erick de la Barrera and William K. Smith
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (2009)
Book Info: http://tinyurl.com/5vrvba 
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>From the back cover:
Park S. Nobel pioneered the coupling of cellular physical chemistry with plant 
physiology, providing a sound physicochemical interpretation of the laws of diffusion to 
a rapidly expanding field of plant physiological ecology. His classical textbook is the 
only one of its kind to provide an extensive array of quantitative problems and 
solutions in the field of plant biophysics and ecophysiology, extending from the 
molecular to the ecological level. 

In this festschrift, former graduate students and postdocs, as well as colleagues of 
Prof. Nobel present a series of reviews that include scales from sub-cellular to global, 
and topics that range from desert succulent biology to the physiology of alpine plants, 
encompassing basic research and applications in agronomy and conservation biology. This 
state-of-the-field survey provides current and useful information for professionals and 
graduate students, while illustrating the broad span of the influence that Nobel's 
career has had on modern ecophysiology.

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