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Dear Section Members,

We hope you were able to attend some of the talks or posters of
students who entered the Billings and New Phytologist (NP) Poster
award at this year’s ESA meeting. We had a great (and relatively
large) bunch of students competing this year, although we had almost
five times more students giving talks compared to posters. Because of
this imbalance, we awarded two honorable mentions for the Billings
award, which is in addition to the overall winners of the Billings and
New Phytologist Poster awards. The awardees are (drum roll...):

Billings award:

Winner: Doug Aubrey, University of Georgia, gave an oral presentation
on “Root-derived CO2 efflux via xylem stream rivals soil CO2 efflux”
with co-author R.O. Teskey.

Honorable mention: Greg Barron-Gafford, University of Arizona, gave a
presentation on “Integrating estimates of ecosystem respiration from
eddy covariance towers with automated measures of soil respiration:
Examining the development and influence of hysteresis in soil
respiratory fluxes along a woody plant encroachment gradient” with
co-authors R. Scott, G.D. Jennerette, and T.E. Huxman.

Honorable mention: Dena Vallano, Cornell University, gave a
presentation on “Effects of direct foliar uptake of gaseous nitrogen
dioxide on plant-herbivore interactions” with co-author S. Campbell.

New Phytologist Poster award:

Winner: Allyson Eller, Cornell University, presented a poster on
“Influence of changing air chemistry on plant growth and reproduction:
Effects of rising carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone on a
model species” with co-author J. Sparks.

The winners of the Billings and New Phytologist Poster awards will
receive a cash prize, and the winners and honorable mentions will also
receive a complimentary book of their choice from Elsevier. Thanks to
both New Phytologist, which contributes to the Billings fund (source
of cash prize) and Elsevier for supporting our Section’s awards
competition. To learn more about these awards and their history,
please visit our Section’s Web page, maintained by Rob Jackson at
Duke: http://www.biology.duke.edu/jackson/ecophys/

Kiona Ogle and Zoe Cardon

Kiona Ogle
Assistant Professor
Departments of Botany & Statistics
University of Wyoming

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