GenPept question

Mon Jun 21 10:17:51 EST 1993

C A Ouzouns, EMBL, Heidelberg, asked:

> one point for clarification: how is GenPept produced? Only from doc lines
> in GenBank, or also by some intelligent program for ORF identification??

The version of GenPept that I distribute from is entirely 
derived from the GenBank "/translation=" feature qualifiers (see 1.4.6 in the 
GenPept 77.0 release notes).  According to the GenBank Release 77.0 release 
notes, the "/translation=" data is "automatically generated".  I can't say
whether or not the program used by the NCBI folks is utilizing an ORF 
identification scheme to generate this information.  Would anyone from NCBI
like to comment? 

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