Riders of the lost gene/THANKS!

mrege at cnbvx3.cnb.uam.es mrege at cnbvx3.cnb.uam.es
Tue Jun 22 12:07:22 EST 1993


Thank you for your answer and thanks are also given to the people who
answered me directly.

Now we have got both sequences and after comparing them with the paper
they were reported in (Nature, 346:871-874), we have found that their
names are, as we figured out, interchanged. So the entry named BLAMLOM
corresponds to gene and protein bor, and the one named BLAMBOR is actually
the gene and protein lom.

Hope this helps to correct the error.


Miquel Regue             e-mail:  regue at farmacia.ub.es
Dept. Microbiology
Fac. of Pharmacy
University of Barcelona 

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