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> Hi all,
> I can't seem to find a reliable current estimate of the total 
> number of bases in all the different sequences stored in 
> readily accessible databases (genbank, embl...). Also, 
> from the last genembl release, I gather there are now about 
> 180'000 gene sequences available...Is that it?
> Guesses, insights and pointers?
> Thank you for your time
> Stéphane Vuilleumier
> Mikrobiologisches Institut
> ETH Zürich
> Switzerland                            svuilleu at

The size of current releases of GenBank and EMBL is:

GenBank Release 82 (15 April 1994): 180,589,455 bases; 169,896 sequences;

EMBL Library Release 38  (March 1994): 179,346,566 bases; 171,787 sequences;

The NCBI maintains a non-redundant database daily updated
  nr    Non-redundant PDB+GBUpdate+GenBank+EmblUpdate+EMBL:

5:07 AM EDT May 3 1994: 184,980,203 bases; 173,749 sequences;

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