same sequence is different in EMBL and GENBANK

Ingrid Jakobsen ingrid at
Fri May 6 03:07:36 EST 1994

In article <2q8h6o$av8 at>, Massimo Delledonne <DELLE%IPCUCSC.earn at> writes:

(Sad story deleted about EMBL and GenBank entries being diffent
for the same Accession Number)

|> Now my question is:
|> The GENEBANK sequence was uptade in 1986
|> The EMBL sequence was uptade in 1990
|> The GENBANK sequence is the correct one
|> Who made the mistake ? The autors who submitted the correct version to Genbank
|> and not to EMBL (but in this case why the EMBL sequence was updated in 1990)
|> or: GENBANK submitted to EMBL an incorrect update ...
|> or: EMBL made a mistake
|> In any case I think it is really bad to have to check both the databases to be
|> sure the sequence you are looking for is correct .... And .. how many sequences
|> in both the databases have the same problem?
|> Massimo Delledonne

I can sympathise totally. It has also been my experience that there are
discrepancies between EMBL and GenBank, and you are quite right, you should
be able to get the right answer from just one database.

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