same sequence is different in EMBL and GENBANK

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Mon May 9 03:47:35 EST 1994

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(Ingrid Jakobsen) writes:

> I can sympathise totally. It has also been my experience that there are
> discrepancies between EMBL and GenBank, and you are quite right, you should
> be able to get the right answer from just one database.

.. or at least the *same* answer.
I did a quick check and find about 0.9% different, approx. 166673 out of 168107
entries with the same primary accession number are identical in NCBI-GenBank
and current EMBL. I used GenBank rel. 82 so the numbers may have reduced a
little since.

Anyway, the total of 1434 entries which are out of synch is of course too
many, and I hope we can fix these in the next few days.

Peter Stoehr
EMBL Data Library

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