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Patricia Rodriguez-Tome (tome at wrote:

> In article <ander-211194140513 at>, ander at (RAA) writes:
> >I have isolated what I thought to be a new cDNA clone.  I ran this against
> >the GenBank.  I found a 330 bp cDNA match that had recently been identified
> >by a group called  "Genexpress cDNA program".  Does anyone know what this
> >is?  Is this a Biotech company or part of the human genome project?  Any
> >comments would be apperciated.

> The "Genexpress  cDNA program" is a research project from Genethon in France

There is another "Genexpress cDNA program" which runs at the University
of Munich. They sequence ESTs from human heart. You can contact the
leader, Dr. Brigitte Obermaier, at
	obermaier at


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