Accession numbers for human JAKs and STATs

Jeroen Coppieters jecop at
Sat Mar 4 12:56:12 EST 1995

FNINER (fniner at wrote:
: I am interested in obtaining nucleotide sequences for HUMAN Janus family
: of protein tyrosine kinases (JAK1, JAK2, JAK3, and Tyk2) and also various
: HUMAN Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription (STAT1 - STAT6)
: proteins.  I would greatly appreciate any information concerning the
: accession numbers for these genes.  Many thanks in advance.

If you have access to Mosaic or Netscape, you can easily answer this
question yourself.
The Sequence retrieval system (SRS) servers allow you to select information
from a wide range of sequence and sequence related databases.
There are several SRS Servers, I describe here how to work with the EBI one
Except for the URL, the other will work similarly
Access the following URL:
  select [database query/retrieval]
       select [Sequence Retrieval System]
         select [search sequence libraries]

select the database(s) you want to search, type in the keywords of interest
and select [do-query]

I selected embl+emnew
and the following keywords:
Definition: JAK
Organism: homo
Alltext: tyrosine

which gave me:
ID   HS09607    standard; RNA; PRI; 4064 BP.
AC   U09607;
DT   14-JUL-1994 (Rel. 40, Created)
DT   14-JUL-1994 (Rel. 40, Last updated, Version 1)
DE   Human JAK family protein tyrosine kinase (JAK3) mRNA, complete cds.
D   HSPTKJAK   standard; RNA; PRI; 3541 BP.
AC   M64174; M35203;
DT   12-APR-1991 (Rel. 28, Created)
DT   20-JAN-1993 (Rel. 34, Last updated, Version 2)
DE   Human protein-tyrosine kinase (JAK1) mRNA, complete cds.
ID   HS76112    standard; RNA; EST; 321 BP.
AC   T29761;
DT   09-JAN-1995 (Rel. 42, Created)
DT   09-JAN-1995 (Rel. 42, Last updated, Version 1)
DE   EST93948 Homo sapiens cDNA 5' end similar to tyrosine kinase JAK1
DE   (HT:92).
Exchanging TYK for JAK, gave
AC   X54637;
DT   05-NOV-1990 (Rel. 25, Created)
DT   12-SEP-1993 (Rel. 36, Last updated, Version 2)
DE   Human tyk2 mRNA for non-receptor protein tyrosine kinase
KW   protein tyrosine kinase.

I leave the query with the STAT's to you, I do not want to take all the
fun out of it  :-)


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