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Staffan Bergh staffan at
Wed Mar 27 06:55:12 EST 1996


having just finished the latest release of MycDB, and working on enhancing the
webserver, I looked for a way of providing hot links to PID entries in the
e-series (produced by EMBL), and couldn't find any. For the g-series (produced
by NCBI) it appears that one can use the Entrez links using the g-number with the leading letter
stripped off (thus for PID g886302 use:

with db set to either n or p, which seems a bit counterintuitive, it returns
the aa sequence in both cases ...)


  Is access to EMBL PID entries possible, or planned? This would
be very helpful ...

  Is it true that all NCBI PID entries are accessible through the Entrez server
in the way shown above?

  Am I missing something here? Is there some information on PID on the 'Net,
other than the brief mentions I've already found in the EMBL and GenBank
release notes?

Cheers /staffan

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