Formatting EBML full release for blast

Keith Bradnam krb at
Mon Aug 20 04:16:29 EST 2001

On 16 Aug 2001, Bent Nagstrup Terp wrote:

> Hi!
> Could anybody please tell me how I get from having downloaded all the
> .dat.gz's in the full release plus the cumulative update, to having a
> "blastable" database?

First you need to convert your sequences from EMBL format into a format
suitable for creating BLAST databases.  E.g. FASTA format.

When you have all your sequences in one file, you can use the formatdb
program (which comes with BLAST) to convert them into a BLAST
database.  But if you are planning to create one BLAST database containing
everything in EMBL then this will be very, very, big.


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