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Mon Jan 8 04:39:10 EST 1996

X-Personal_name: Dion Florack
From: d.e.a.florack at
Subject: secretion of GFP

Has anybody tried to secrete GFP through the endoplasmic
reticulum-Golgi-etcetera route?
I am especially interested in secretion of GFP by plant cells
and therefore would like to have any article describing
such studies (or secretion of GFP by whatever organism).
Special questions: is the addition of a signal peptide at the
N-terminus enough to get GFP secreted and/or is secreted
GFP still biologically active (so measurable)?
Many thanks and looking forward to replies,
Dion Florack, department of molecular biology, CPRO-DLO,
Wageningen, the Netherlands.

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