References for GFP and cytoskeletal proteins?

Peter_Hug at Peter_Hug at
Sat Mar 30 13:22:36 EST 1996

>On 26 Mar 1996, Chris Haskell wrote:
>> In a 1995 R. Tsien review, he mentions many examples of cytoskeletal-GFP
>> fusion proteins, all unpublished.  Have any of the mentioned authors
>> published on this material yet?
>Look up a recent article from Johne Cooper's lab. I think in a recent
>('96) issue of J. Cell Biology.
>They have attached GFP to CAP in yeast and can see cortical patches.

The Cooper Lab also has a WWW Home Page on which they have posted pictures
and movies of the GFP/CapZ-labeled yeast.  The URL is:
"" (everything inside, but not including,
the quotes).

Peter Hug

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