Secreted GFP?

Mike Amstutz milkman at
Tue Oct 1 19:37:32 EST 1996

In article <3250786B.664A at> yli at (Yongan Li) writes:

>Does anyone have any information about GFP expressed as a secreted form 
>in mammalian cells ?

I have constructed two secreted versions of GFP.  The first contains the hGH 
secretion signal fused to hGH and the second is a hGH-GFP chimera.  
Interestingly enough when I assayed (ELISA) for secretion from transfected 
Cos-1 cells, the native GFP (pEGFP-N1) from Clontech (with no obvious 
secretion signal)had more "secreted" GFP than either the secretion signal or 
chimeric clones.  I suspect a significant portion of the "secreted" GFP from 
the native clone is from lysed cells, but I have no evidence for this.

Secondly,  today I confirmed the chimera was valid as I can detect it with 
both hGH and GFP antibodies in our ELISA systems.
Anyone else???

Mike Amstutz
amstutz.1 at

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