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Andrew Doherty A.Doherty at
Thu Apr 17 03:58:52 EST 1997

Dr Mike Witty wrote:
> Does anyone know about GFP fusions and if they retain activity?  The one
> example I know of if GFP fusion to protein A, touted as a good idea for
> Western blotting.  Mike Witty.

Yeah, a recent paper from Caron's lab used a B2-adrenergic receptor-GFP
fusion to look at internalisation and showed that the native, epitope
tagged receptor and the fusion (also epitope tagged) were functionally
indistiguishable., The paper is:

Barak L.S. et al (1997) Internal trafficking and suface mobility of a
functionally intact B2-adrenergic receptor-green fluorescent protein
conjugate. Mol. Pharm. 51; pp177-184

We're currently making AMPA receptor GFP fusions, and seem to get
correct localisation when expressed in HEK293's, but we have no
functional data as yet.

Hope it helps

Andy D

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