Q: Fast-folding GFP mutant

Daniel Gonzalez meton at rci.rutgers.edu
Sun Aug 2 19:34:50 EST 1998

Guito <tremblgu at medcn.umontreal.ca> writes:


>There seems to be a myriad of GFP mutants. 

>I just heard about a fast-folding mutant of GFP that seems to be fit for
>the experiments we intend to do in E.coli.

>We allready have a more soluble and red shifted mutant (smRSGFP), but a
>fast-folding GFP would be great in addition to the mutations of smRSGFP.

>Can anyone point me towards a reference about that fast-folding mutant

>Guy Tremblay
>tremblgu at magellan.umontreal.ca


Hugh Fisher in our lab at Rutgers has come up with a GFP variant which forms 
much more quickly than wild type and under oxygen limiting conditions.  His 
e-mail is kawasaki at rci.rutgers.edu.  Please contact him for some DNA if you 
are interested.

Daniel Gonzalez
Rutgers University

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