DsRed sequence files from Clontech have errors

David N. Levy levy at uab.edu
Thu Nov 11 11:52:38 EST 1999

Be aware that the pDsRed1-N1 vector sequence that Clontech provides is
missing an adenosine at bp 889 and that the pDsRed1-1 (bp 504) is a "G"
when it should be an "A".  Both of these are within the DsRed coding
sequence.  I notified the company of these errors November 3 and they
aknowleged them, but so far have not corrected the sequence (at least
of the N1 vector) on their website.  Who knows how many other errors
there are?

Also, they are out of stock of DsRed1-N1 until, they say, Novemeber 22.

David N. Levy
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL 35294-0007

levy at uab.edu

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