dsRFP detection

Jered Floyd jered at mit.edu
Wed Feb 16 18:58:59 EST 2000

MMILLING at MEDAU.JNJ.com ("MILLINGTON, Michelle [JJRAU]") writes:
> We have tried EBFP but are unable to detect by flow due to  low fluorescence
> and photobleaching.  Is dsRFP brighter and more resistant to photobleaching
> than EBFP?

With an epifluorescence microscope, DsRed is significantly brighter
and much more resistant to photobleaching than GFP/EGFP; I imagine as
such it is much better than EBFP as well.  I have not yet tried it
with flow, but will soon.  

One word of warning with DsRed: At least in E. coli, there is a very
large delay (36-48 hours) before it is visible to the eye. This is
unfortunate, as the other FPs express visibly much faster.


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