The Chemical Mechanisms Involved in Bioluminescence

Coefield Sarah scoefield at
Fri Mar 21 20:01:37 EST 2003

I am a senior at Whitworth College, majoring in Chemistry and Biology, and will be presenting a comprehensive presentation on the subject of bioluminescence chemical mechanisms before I graduate this May.  I have come across difficulties in my attempts to find sources that actually describe the mechanisms for bioluminescence.  While I realize much of this may be due to the variation between species and protiens, I would be satisfied with descriptions of three or four mechanisms.  Does anyone know of an available source that I could utilize for my presentation?  I have found references to some text-book-type sources that I can't seem to get ahold of, and have rather come up against a brick wall.  I would really appreciate any insight you could offer in this matter.  Thank you!
Sarah Coefield
Whitworth College
Spokane, WA

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