Jesper Pedersen jsp at
Mon May 12 15:37:47 EST 2003

Hi Kasper,

I have a SpectraMAX Gemini XS platereader working perfectly here in Aalborg.
The only problem I have experienced is that some times the cut-off filter
wheel is stuck which causes a stop in kinetic readings followed by an error
#324 message. Disabling the cut-off filter eliminates this error. We were
not pleased to find that replacement of the flash-lamp cost us 10.000 Dkr
(1300?), but the lamp did indeed last for many reads during long kinetic

Best regards,

"Kasper Engkilde" <kde at> wrote in message
news:BAD35A7B.73BD%kde at
> Hi all
> I'd like to hear if anyone have had experiences with malfunctioning
> fluorescence plate readers from Molecular Devices (Gemini series). We
> one a year ago and have had a lot of trouble with them. We need one more
> would like to hear if we were simply unlucky (as MD claim) or their
> instruments are generally unstable.
> Best regards,
> Kasper

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