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Michio Nakanishi naka at ics.osaka-u.ac.jp
Fri Dec 20 07:11:25 EST 1991

I received three mails for my question on "linkage analysis".  Before
I got these mails I had thought linkage analysis is one of the
mathematical techniques to determine the gene location.  Now I know
that it has a rather general meaning.  At any rate, I made a list of
introductory literatures.

	[Summary of literatures on Linkage Analysis]

[1] Ray White and Jean-Marc Lalouel : Chromosome Mapping with DNA Markers,
    Scientific American, February, 1988 (Vol. 258, # 2)
	(An excellent start on the general topic of "linkage analysis")

[2] Jurg Ott : Analysis of Human Genetic Linkage,
    Johns Hopkins Univ. Press (1985, 1991)
	(For a discussion of linkage analysis of simple mendelian 
	traits in humans)

[3] Botstein, D.,R.L. White, M. Skolnick, and R.W. Davis :
    Construction of a genetic linkage map in man using restriction
    fragment length polymorphisms, Amer. J. Human Genetics. 32:314, 1980.

[4] Sturtevant : Journal of Experimental Zoology vol. 14 pp. 43-59.
	(This article was the earliest important paper and has been
	reprinted in several books of collected important papers).

I was told that there were a few postings for me in this news group,
bionet.molbio.gene-linkage, but unfortunately I could not find them
now.  I think they have been expired from our news spool.  I will
appreciate it very much if some one could mail them.

Thank you very much and a Merry Christmas!
Michio Nakanishi  <naka at ics.osaka-u.ac.jp>

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