Gunnell, Mark gunnell at FCRFV1.NCIFCRF.GOV
Tue Jun 4 13:32:00 EST 1991

I am posting this message for Gregory Brooks.  Please reply directly to
his Internet or Bitnet address given below.

I am looking for sources of and descriptions of various linkage software
available to the research community. 
We have some home grown stuff on an IBM PC using dBase III and are considering
our options. We run VAXes but will consider any software on any platform. We
just need to know what is out there. 
We also have LINKAGE on the VAX form Howard Hughes Medical Institute. How does
it rank. 
Gregory N. Brooks		Director, Pediatric Computing Facilities 
Voice: 314 454 2237		Internet: brooks at kids.wustl.edu	
FAX:   314 367 3765		Bitnet:   same or brooks_g at wums

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