Help needed for stats on exclusion mapping

baxter_a at baxter_a at
Thu Jun 20 16:14:46 EST 1991

I am immunologist and have performed some breeding studies in  
an attempt to localise a gene which causes autoimmunity. I am  
using exclusion mapping to achieve this. Can someone advise    
me on what statistical proceedure I should use? The sort of    
data I get is:                                                 
Only BC1 mice with + phenotype are examined at multiple loci on
a chromosome -                                                 
locus 1    4/8  hetrozygotes                                   
locus 2    2/8  hetrozygotes                                   
locus 3    5/8  hetrozygotes                                   
locus 4    0/8  hetrozygotes                                   
locus 5    0/8  hetrozygotes                                   
locus 6    2/8  hetrozygotes                                   

(There is quite a lot more to it than this, and I would be happy to
provide more detail if needed)

Please email, and thanks for any help!

Regards Alan

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