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Steve Bryant Clare Hall X348 s_bryant at
Thu Apr 23 18:37:43 EST 1992

Greetings Everyone

I need an additional one or two people to share the teaching load
on a course covering both theoretical and practical aspects of human
genetic linkage analysis.
The course is planned for the period 24th-28th August 1992 and is to be
held at the Porto Conte Research and Training Laboratories (PCRTL),
Alghero, Sardinia. The course was run last year, with EC funding, on
the invitation of Marcello Siniscalco, the director of the institute.
The 18 students present came from Europe and the US and I believe that
the course was both successful and enjoyable for everyone involved.
Funding requirements this year will be smaller but we hope that the EC will
underwrite a substantial proportion of the costs.
The course will contain a substantial computing component, with both UNIX
and DOS facilities available. The handbook from last year runs to some
120 pages and is a greatly expanded version of the one-day course that is
run as part of the UK Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre activities.
The content of the course is open to change, depending on the interests and
expertise of the tutors (and the students!).

Remuneration and expenses are available.

Interested people should contact me as soon as possible for an informal
chat and a copy of the current documentation.


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