Evolution of sexual reproduction.

Xia xia at darwin.genetics.washington.edu
Mon Dec 7 15:09:38 EST 1992

Dear Netters,

I have received many requests from fellow netters to continue the
discussion on evoution of sex. As I have said before, I have written
something about it. If anyone who knows of an anonymous FTP site to
which I can deposit my manuscript, please let me and I should be glad
to deposit my writings. Both are in WP 5.1 format.

Currently I have two manuscripts. One is about 60 pages long (double-
spaced) and the other is about 35 pages long (also double-spaced), which
is a follow-up of the first. I am not particularly eager to send out
hard copies to everyone interested because it would constitute a 
substantial burden to our department. I should be glad to hear from 
you if you want to receive computer copies. Let me know how I can
reach you.

If you are doing research in the area and wish to communicate ideas
about each other's work, please let me know. On the other hand, if
you are just interested in having an overview of the subject, then
Williams (1975) and Maynard Smith (1978) are the best. If you are
mathematically inclined and want to know the current development
of sex evolution theory in relation to selection on a quantitative
trait, you can contact Dr. B. Charlesworth who has published, and
will publish more, papers on the subject. I found his writings
difficult to understand.

I have a feeling that the matter is substantially complex to be
resolved by the news group discussion, which may actually foster
misunderstanding rather than understanding. 

Xuhua Xia
Department of Genetics
U of Washington

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