genetic linkage analysis --- summary compilation

wijsman at wijsman at
Fri Jan 31 12:06:39 EST 1992

> Dear Bio-Soft land networkers:
> Many grateful thanks are extended to all you classical genetics types who sent
> me messages regarding my request for linkage mapping software.  The response
> was quite impressive and my associate and myself are most appreciative.
> As promised, a summary of the replies to my query (repeated below) has been
> compiled and comprises the following text:
(A lot of stuff deleted.)

>         ********************GeneTree Information********************
> From: wijsman at
> Subject: GENETREE distribution
> GeneTree is finally being released for distribution.  

(Lots of stuff deleted.)

> I am the official contact person for furthers inquiries and/or
> to request a copy of the package.
>         Ellen Wijsman
>         wijsman at
>         or
>         wijsman at

CORRECTION:  this should be wijsman at
(This was my mistake. Appologies.)

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