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>Advanced Linkage Course       Jurg Ott
>October 19-23, 1992           University of Zurich, Switzerland (Ir-
>                              chel Campus Computer Center, 12 IBM
>                              PS/2's), Proff. Eric Kubli (Zurich) and
>                              Jurg Ott (New York).
>                              Maximum number of participants is 12.
>                              Application deadline:  August 25, 1992.
>TOPICS include:  Theory of linkage programs.  Practical exercises
>using the LINKAGE and other programs.  Handling of inbreeding
>loops, age-dependent penetrance, and sex-specific recombination
>fractions.  Problems of interference in multipoint mapping.
>Models of genetic heterogeneity.  Calculation of genetic risks,
>also under allelic and nonallelic association.  Linkage analysis
>with quantitative trait loci, biological covariates, and pseudo-
>autosomal loci.  Computer simulation methods.  Gene mapping in
>CEPH reference families.
>Participants must be familiar with IBM PCs or compatible micro-
>computers.  Extensive experience with a linkage program and/or a
>good background in statistical genetics and linkage analysis are
>additional criteria for admission.
>To obtain further information and an application form, contact:
>Katherine Montague, Course coordinator, Columbia University Unit 58
>722 West 168th Street, New York, NY 10032
>Tel +1-212-960-2507   Fax +1-212-568-2750  E-mail: OTT at NYSPI.BITNET


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