Need distances between DXS294 and surronding markers.

Robert Cottingham bwc at
Wed Jul 22 18:26:59 EST 1992

Matts, we recently published a paper

  author = "Tim H.-M. Huang and Robert W. Cottingham Jr. and
                David H. Ledbetter and Huda Y. Zoghbi",
  title = "Genetic Mapping of 4 Dinucleotide Repeat Loci {DXS}453, {DXS}458,
                {DXS}454, and {DXS}424 on the {X} Chromosome Using Multiplex
                Polymerase Chain Reaction",
  journal = "Genomics",
  year = "1992",
  volume = 13,
  pages = "375-380",

which contains the following map in the region you are interested in.

         5.8         13.4          17.8         5.0 cM
DXS454 ------ DXS17 ------ DXS424 ------ DXS42 ------ HPRT

Hope this helps.


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