Errors in preplink (Linkage)

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Sat Jul 4 14:18:04 EST 1992

We have also run into bugs with preplink when we try to use it.
In general, this hasn't been too much of a problem since we
generally depend on the use of an editor for file preparation
as I. Fenton does for the bulk of the work.  However, one particular
bug we have run into was also the one having to do with the program
not saving all the penetrances which were entered.  We use the
package under VMS, so this isn't specifically a SUN problem. Our
version saves 3 sets of penetrances, but no more, so that if we want
to specify, e.g., 6 risk categories, the remaining penetrances must
be entered by hand.

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Div. of Medical Genetics, RG-25
University of Washington
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