Need distances between DXS294 and surronding markers.

Mats Sundvall sundvall at
Fri Jul 17 05:06:34 EST 1992

We are currently mapping a X-linked disease and for a multipoint analysis we
need recombination fractions between the loci DXS294 and some of the loci
DXS425, HPRT, DXS10, F9. Actually it would be nice to have a map of all the
loci in this region, including DXS454, DXS456, DXS424, DXS300, DXS425, HPRT,
DXS10, F9, DXS294 and DXS297.

Our two point lod score is peaking at DXS294 for the disease but our own family 
material does not give significant lod score while trying to calculate intermarker 

Any help is appreciated,

Mats Sundvall
Dept of Medical Genetics,
Uppsala University

email: sundvall at

Fax: +46 18 52 68 49
Phone: +46 18 17 49 09

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