how should i analyse 12 loci ?

I. Fenton ifenton at
Mon Jul 6 08:02:41 EST 1992

dear net,

a colleague of mine wants to do some linkage.  he, as i, am familiar with
LINKAGE but no other packages.  he has a number of non-CEPH like families
with up to 12 loci typed for sdome families and wants to map a couple of
markers along this part of the map.  he asked me whether LINKAGE was the
best tool, (i said no), and if not what was.  i thought about MAPMAKER as
i have heard nice things about it but do not have any actual experience of
it myself.  also i think someone said something nice about CRI-MAP.  does
the net have any opinions on this ?  all the data is in LINKAGE format, so
would any data entry be needed for these packages ?  we're not talking about
too many individuals, but it is more than 100 i think.

many thanks for any advice...

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