Errors in preplink (Linkage)

Heikki Lehv{slaiho Heikki.Lehvaslaiho at Helsinki.FI
Tue Jun 30 01:53:16 EST 1992

Running the Sun version of preplink (part of the LINKAGE package v. 5.1)
I constantly get error messages when trying to read from or write to a
file. The error message is: 

Label of 3 not found in case
*** Program execution terminated by trace trap 
In readdata.readloci.getlocus (system = 2), line 175 in "./preplink.p"
called by readdata.readloci (), line 219 in "./preplink.p"

Examining the code I found out that procedure getlocus first determines
value "numbers" (3) to the variable "which" and then a few lines later
doesn't check that possibility in a case statement. The same logical flaw
is the corresponding procedure writing to a file, writedata.

Could someone please tell me what is the right way of correcting the

There seems to be other bugs in preplink, too. In the affection status
phenotype, some of the several penetrances that I type in are not
recorded. In the next screen there is a zero in their place. I haven't
look into that part of the code yet.

I can't believe I run into problems like these using a piece of software
that hundreds of people have been using over a year. Or am I the only one
using preplink? Is there a better program for Suns, perhaps combining
database functionalities to it, that everybody is using? I know there are
programs for DOS, but that doesn't help much since we are using Macs.


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