LINKAGE under OS/2

Jurg Ott OTT at NYSPI.bitnet
Wed Mar 11 15:32:56 EST 1992

Using the LINKAGE programs under OS/2

     This is in response to a recent inquiry on the Linkage
newsgroup.  We regularly use the LINKAGE programs under OS/2
(version 1.1).  Because Turbo Pascal does not run under OS/2, we
adapted the LINKAGE programs to Prospero Pascal, which can
produce code to run under DOS or OS/2.  These program versions
are available from me by sending a fax message to fax. no.
(212) 568-2750 (programs right now available only on floppy
disks, not through anonymous ftp or e-mail).

     Under OS/2 (Prospero Pascal) the programs run slightly
faster than under DOS (Turbo Pascal).  The main difference is
that larger problems can be handled under OS/2:  dynamically
allocated memory (heap) can be as large as 4MB (limitation due to
compiler).  However, sizes of arrays and records to be allocated
dynamically must not exceed 64kb in size, that is, with the
general programs no more than about 6 loci can be handled
jointly.  Of course, the programs can run for days in an OS/2
window in the background while one does word processing in the
DOS window.  We are generally satisfied with our OS/2 version of
the LINKAGE programs.  Sometimes, recompilation is necessary for
optimal definition of array boundaries.  So, to efficiently use
these programs one should have the Prospero Pascal compiler,
which costs - I believe - less than $300 (I'm not sure;  the
company is in England, fax no. +44-81-748-9344).

Jurg Ott

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