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I. at VTVM2.CC.VT.EDU Fenton ifenton at
Sun Mar 29 16:32:08 EST 1992

dear net,

this commercial firm asked me to review some pedigree drawing software, and
they had heard that lots of centres have the 'LINKAGE' package from Paris
and asked me about the programs.  i told them what (little *grin*) i know
butthey also wanted to know how many people have LINKAGE.  hence my qestion
(sorry for spellingh...) is - how many centres/people have/use LINKAGE today ?
i'm not looking for people to email me saying 'i ju(sorry), 'i use linkage'
i was wondering if there is any record of how many how been distributed
officially ?  any guesses as to total no. of centres whould (oops!) would be
grea(oops!) gratefully appreciated.  thanks.

(inst. of medical genetics, cardiff, uk)

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