Linkage in C?

Martin Farrall mfarrall at
Fri Mar 6 03:01:38 EST 1992

In article <10451 at>, bwc at (Robert Cottingham) writes:
> If anyone has converted any of the LINKAGE programs to C, either partially or
> completely, and is willing to share them, I would appreciate hearing from
> you.  We are undertaking a project to try to significantly improve the speed
> of these programs.  In studying the current algorithms, we have decided to go
> ahead and convert the programs to C. Initially, this would allow us to get a
> better handle on the algorithms, because there seems to be little in the way
> of analysis tools for Pascal.  Ultimately, C will probably be the final
> implementation language anyway, because it is the most common language for
> the parallel machines.

I think someone has previously commented on this (?David Curtis), but the p2c
utility translates LINKAGE version 5.1 into C which compiled and ran with
no "human" modification!  I was astonished.  p2c is public domain available by
anonymous ftp from somewhere I've forgotten.  BTW this trial was run on a Sun
SparcStation.  Are you thinking of running the C version on a Cray under UNICOS?
I'd be interested (as I imagine other will be) in how it goes.

Cantact me directly if you would like to discuss this further.

Martin Farrall

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