Linkage in C?

Robert Cottingham bwc at
Wed Mar 4 14:22:10 EST 1992

If anyone has converted any of the LINKAGE programs to C, either partially or
completely, and is willing to share them, I would appreciate hearing from
you.  We are undertaking a project to try to significantly improve the speed
of these programs.  In studying the current algorithms, we have decided to go
ahead and convert the programs to C. Initially, this would allow us to get a
better handle on the algorithms, because there seems to be little in the way
of analysis tools for Pascal.  Ultimately, C will probably be the final
implementation language anyway, because it is the most common language for
the parallel machines.

Also, we are looking for any supporting documentation for the programs.
Specifically, a data dictionary for the global variables, a description of
each procedure, and a call graph.

Any help or advice will be gratefully accepted.


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