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Toby Bradshaw toby at carson.u.washington.edu
Fri Nov 13 13:36:06 EST 1992

In article <1992Nov10.215921.10509 at schaefer.math.wisc.edu> horn at schaefer.math.wisc.edu (Jeffrey Horn) writes:
>Would anyone have any leads on acquiring public domain or at least
>freely available genetic linkage software (for plant populations).
>I am interested in calculating genetic maps, displaying them in 
>MS-Windows or X Windows, and printing the maps.  I am aware of 
>Lander's Mapmaker program, but would like something a bit more
>automatic and a bit more graphical.

I saw Steve Lincoln at Plant Genome I, and MAPMAKER 3.0 has graphics
capability.  As for "automatic" -- it's automatic enough for most
folks, and it isn't always safe to trust the default settings anyway.

Toby Bradshaw
Department of Biochemistry and College of Forest Resources
University of Washington, Seattle
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