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Thu Nov 19 11:28:17 EST 1992

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>If anyone has suggestions about software which detects possible errors in human linkage data, I would appreciate hearing about it.  I am not
>refering to directly detectable errors such as incompatible inheritance,
>but rather possible errors such as double recombination over a very
>short interval, or many recombinants within a family.

The new MAPMAKER 3.0 has such error detection.  The algorithms are
described in a paper (which I haven't read) by Steve Lincoln and
Eric Lander, possibly in Genomics.  Error detection becomes very
important in high-density maps, such as the mouse map, since
most errors overestimate the number of recombinants, inflate the
map distance, and cause problems ordering the markers.  MAPMAKER
3.0 should be available soon, and now will run on 32-bit PCs with
math coprocessors.

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