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>>map distance, and cause problems ordering the markers.  MAPMAKER
>>3.0 should be available soon, and now will run on 32-bit PCs with
>>math coprocessors.
>what is soon ?

How high is up :)  Steve Lincoln was passing out request forms
for MAPMAKER 3.0 at the recent Plant Genome meeting.  Supposedly,
it will also be available from the Whitehead by anonymous ftp
( if I remember right).

>also what does 32-bit pcs mean ?  is that any intel386
>or better machine ?

Real 386 + coprocessor (as opposed to 386SX) and 486.

>i would be dead interested in running this package
>on a pc, even if it requires a high-end pc.  do you know what are the
>memory etc requirements for this.

According to Steve, MAPMAKER on a 486/4Mb is about half the speed
of a SPARCII, which is not bad considering the price differential.

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