Allele numbers -> binary factors

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Thu Nov 26 10:34:06 EST 1992

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>> writes to ask:
>> The conversion programme I have that converts LINKAGE files to CRIMAP files
>> seems to require the LINKAGE pedfile to be coded as binary factors.  I
>> have received a pedfile by email coded as allele numbers.  Do you know
>> of a program that can convert this to binary factors?  If not can you
>> suggest any fix, short of re-entering the data?
>If anyone has suggestions they would be great appreciated.

We are _nearly_ ready to release a version of DOLINK - kind of utility
program which acts as an interface between some kind of standard
database and a variety of genetic analysis programs (including LINKAGE
and CRIMAP). If you have some kind of short-term emergency I would be
glad to make this available to you now. You would still have to a little bit
of hacking around to get the ped file into the correct format for DOLINK
(it accepts a standard string-delimited-field file, as import/exported
from LINKSYS) but I think it would be easy to do this with any standard
editor which supported macros. Contact me for furher info -

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