varigate porphyria

eric romig tcer000 at
Sat Nov 28 15:25:21 EST 1992

I am an undergrad at Tulane who has taken on this research
as a personal project.  Several years ago a close friend of mine
was diagnosed as having Varigate Porphria.  I have exhausted the
universities library and have fairly little to show for it.
My investigation through medical journals is limited because this 
work is not for any class and because my mastry of foreign dialects
is limited.  
	I would greatly appreciate any clues that would aid my research
	(persons to contact, journal articles, etc.) or any 
	information which a reader out there may possess.
	Any thing at all would be greatly appreciated.

	Please post to this group any information on this subject or

	feel free to mail directly to me at the above address.

	This is a serious request.       

	Eric S. Romig
	tcer000 at
	Tulane University  (504)865-5533

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