C Version of Linkage Programs

Dr. David Curtis dcurtis at crc.ac.uk
Thu Apr 8 06:42:00 EST 1993

In article <1993Apr5.160012.4185 at alw.nih.gov> yap at alw.nih.gov (Tieng Yap) writes:
>Does anyone know when the C version of linkage programs become available?
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This is a FAQ. (How about a FAQ list for this group?) A number of people
have made their own translations of the LINKAGE programs using p2c, a
freely available translator (e.g. from Simtel, etc.). It is surprisingly
straightforward to do this. However we are not really sure whether it
would be OK to distribute these translations to other people, because of
copyright and the lack of exhaustive testing. So probably it's best to
make your own translations and contact e.g. myself or Bob Cottingham if
you have any problems etc.

I did hear that there was supposed to be an official C version coming
out, but then I think I heard that it wouldn't after all.

I can _very_ strongly recommend using C versions. They'll compile
without problems on any Unix machine without the need for a Pascal
compiler (which sometimes doesn't work, see previous postings) and now
you can get good 32 bit C compilers for DOS machines too - I use
Zortech, but the freely available Gnu C compiler also works fine.

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