Problems recompiling v5.2 of Linkage on Suns

Mr J. Attwood jattwood at
Thu Apr 15 09:44:26 EST 1993

In Article 153, Mats Sundvall wrote:

>To solve the optimizing bug with the new Sun Pascal compiler you should request
>jumbo patch 100936-01 from your Sun support center. It solved my problems!

	Please can you be more specific: did it solve your problems when
optimising Linkage v5.2, or only with some other program? Our Sun support
people asked about constant declarations, but didn't go on to suggest that
we try applying this patch. If I can say that this patch definitely cures
this particular problem with the Linkage package, then this will save a
lot of wasted time looking for the exact source of the problem.

	Thanks for your help,

John Attwood,
MRC Human Biochemical Genetics Unit,

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