Dr. M. Farrall mfarrall at crc.ac.uk
Thu Aug 12 09:31:13 EST 1993

Is it fair to say that HOMOG3R which to quote from the documentation that
accompanies it:

"     This is a specialized version of the HOMOG3 program.  It
calculates log likelihoods under the assumption that a trait is
linked in a proportion alpha1 of families to marker 1 in some
area of the genome, and in other families it is linked to a
marker 2 in another area of the genome."

computes a joint lodscore that is comparable with that computed under
the "additive" model of Risch (see Am J Hum Genet 46:222-253)?

I could have e-mailed Jurg Ott directly but thought it more fun to
broadcast via the b'board!

Martin Farrall

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