"Mutated Messages" / Preliminary Report on my Non-Paternity Study

Will Steeves goid at io.org
Sat Aug 21 16:50:02 EST 1993

This is going to be a two part message.  The first, details a peculiar problem
that I believe is occuring from within this newsgroup (?).  Next, I will be
reporting that I am very pleased to have received many references and leads in 
my study on non-paternity rates, in the hope of finally putting this subect to
rest, once and for all.
I have a strange problem that I feel is related to something about this
My system, Internex, uses Uqwk as a QWK packet-generation online interface,
and last week, it started crashing for no apparent reason.  And every time,
the crash was caused because of a "Segmentation Fault - Core Dumped" which
occurred *just* after it started packing the messages in
Initially, I had considered this to be a mere coincidence, as I believed that
the problem was more likely related to the fact that the _volume_ of messages
had been causing the crash, and that the breaking point merely happened to be
while scanning this group.
I posted a message on my system, asking for support, and mentioned, in 
passing that the error was always happening while packing this newsgroup.  A
user replied, in a rather jocular fashion, that 'perhaps
bionet-molbio.gene-linkage has some mutated messages' (or words to that
effect), but as the crashes kept on going and going and going, and always at
this group, I wondered if maybe this gentleman had been correct.
So, I decided on a lark to remove this group from my .newsrc, and then *poof*,
the error never happened again.
Could it have been possible that there were unusual characters, etc., in
messages that were being posted over the last two weeks?  I'm just curious,
and I certainly hope that there *were* odd messages  being posted, otherwise
I'd have absolutely NO clues whatsoever, to go on.
If anyone can offer some advice, I'd be very appreciative.  Please e-mail me
to follow-up, of course, as I am no longer on this group ; I merely posted
using the post command.
P.S. (On an Entirely Different Subject Matter) :
If anyone recalls my request for references regarding the rates of
non-paternity (I had heard a reference stating that the rate was as high as
18-33% in some cities in the U.S.), here is a very preliminary 'report' - I
received MANY replies from the net on this very perplexing and controversial
subject, as well as many possible references.  And even better, the person who
originally told me of the very high non-paternity numbers, has finally FOUND
his original references and has sent them to me.
I am in the process of going over the research, and hope to be able to post a
short report on my findings in the near to moderate future, in the hope of
eventually publising a full-sized paper on the subject and demanding that more
attention be placed on the issue.
BTW, at this early stage, I have looked at a number of studies, but prominent
among them is one from Dr. J.S. Mayersak.  Can anyone offer me some further
information about this very distinguished scholar and doctor?  Any comments
would be of great assistance, thanks.
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