LINKAGE version6 - what/where/when, stuff like that...

I. Fenton ifenton at
Mon Jan 18 10:58:21 EST 1993

hi.  we are writing some in-house documentation about using linkage v5 (which
we may distribute to other centres if there is any interest), and i was
wondering if i should worry about linkage v6 coming out looking totally
different.  hence, a few questions...

  is there going to be a v6 of linkage ?
  if so, when will it be available (this year, next year,...) ?
  will the human interface (lcp, lrp, makeped etc.) be the same ?
  what are the main differences (bug-fixes, better speed, more complex stuff)?

so that's it, really.  any rumours gratefully accepted.  thanks.

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