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Sat Jan 30 11:12:43 EST 1993

In article <1993Jan27.214612.8487 at> mwd at (Mark Dalton) writes:
>I don't remeber when I actually pulled this of the net. But this
>will give you a good start.
>READ.ME for, Thu Oct 8 1992
>This is the anonymous FTP server for the MIT Center for Genome Reasearch.
>Here you will find:
>A computer program for selecting PCR primers, particularly useful 
>for SSLP markers.  In directory ditribution/primer*.
>Computer Programs for genetic linkage analysis of simple markers (MAPMAKER) and complex traits.  In directory distribution/mapmaker2.

Yes but if you actually check the ftp site you will find that the
mapmaker directory has been empty for a while.  Don't know why - 
I imagine the authors will be getting a few mail messages asking
why it's not there :-).

Best of luck,

Dan Jacobson

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