Heterozygotes, RIs and Mapping

Phillip McClean mcclean at plains.NoDak.edu
Fri Oct 1 13:31:19 EST 1993

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  This might be a multifaceted question, but I will post it anyway.
If you are scoring a dominant makers (i.e. RAPDS, disease resistance
loci) in a recombinant inbred population with a known percentage of 
heterozygote lines, what are the consequences of classifying a heterozygote
line as a homozygous line?  If you are mapping two dominant genes in 
the same population, what is the effect of misclassification on the 
linkage distance between any two loci?  This are questions that I have
considered with regards to an experiment my students are performing and
I am not sure what the answer is.  Does any one have any thoughts or better
yet has anyone solved this problem.

Phil McClean
mcclen at plains.nodak.edu 

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