Advanced Linkage Course

Tue Oct 12 07:52:30 EST 1993

Jurg Ott
Columbia University
New York

                    Advanced Linkage Course
                      January 10-14, 1994

An Advanced Linkage Course (supported by the National Center for
Human Genome Research) will be held at Columbia University in New
York.  The maximum number of participants is 20.

TOPICS include:  The LINKAGE computer programs;  handling of
inbreeding loops, age-dependent penetrance, and sex-specific
recombination fractions;  models of genetic heterogeneity;
analysis of complex diseases;  allelic association (disequili-
brium);  nonparametric linkage analysis;  two-locus models of
inheritance;  computer simulation.

Participants must be familiar with IBM PCs or compatible micro-
computers.  Extensive experience with a linkage program and/or a
good background in statistical genetics and linkage analysis are
additional criteria for admission.

To obtain further information and an application form, contact:

Katherine Montague, Course coordinator
Columbia University, Unit 58
722 West 168th Street, New York, NY 10032
Tel. (212) 960-2507      Fax: 212/568-2750
e-mail:  ott at nyspi.bitnet  or at

Application deadline is November 24, 1993

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