ped.out->.gen file format (mkcrigen)

Darrell The Revitalizer Root rootd at
Wed Apr 6 12:45:52 EST 1994

I need to take output from a ceph database and put it into .gen format
for multimap/crimap analysis.  Normally, we do this by putting the data
in a ped.out file, ftp'ing to our sun, and then running mkcrigen
(a utility program written by Santosh Mishra) to convert it to .gen

Unfortunately, we have the old version of mkcrigen, which fails when
dealing with more than 70 markers.  We do not have the source code either.
We're wasting time outputting data in groups of 60 markers, converting
it, and then running crimap-merge to put it all together.

We have the lnktocri.p source code from the wonderful multimap people, but
mkcrigen is superior for our needs.

Does anyone have the new version of mkcrigen in executable form for a sparc?

Does anyone have the source code for any version of mkcrigen?

Does anyone know of a ftp site where this stuff (or crimap stuff) can be found?

Darrell Root
rootd at

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